Do you need help with the realization of your business project or entrepreneurial idea?
BIZkoshnica is much more than a coworking space and networking.

Our team of experts listens to the needs of our members and helps them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Based on your needs, we will give you all the necessary advice for generating and conducting business ideas as well as support in business and successful running of your company.


Support includes

  • business counseling  in economic, legal and other areas.
  • Coworking counseling 
  • Networking
  • Project partnerships

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Area of expertise

  • development of business and entrepreneurial skills
  • social entrepreneurship
  • social innovations and economy of sharing
  • employment and training of young people and other vulnerable groups
  • personal and professional development
  • preparation and conducting EU project (in cultural and creative industry fields, entrepreneurship, tourism) 

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