Društveno poduzetnička koshnica

BIZkoshnica is implementing the EU project “Društveno poduzetnička koshnica”, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund, and whose goal is to contribute to the strengthening of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Croatia.

The name of the project is Društveno – poduzetnička koshnica and the project code is UP.

Project duration: October, 2021 – April 2024

Total project value: 1,199,119.00 HRK

Within this project, BIZkoshnica will become the first social entrepreneurial coworking space in Croatia and carry out numerous activities aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship in Croatia. By participating in trainings and studying examples of good practice, we will strengthen our own capacities and transform our business in accordance with the social-entrepreneurial principles – social, environmental and economic sustainability. In this way, we will join the growing entrepreneurial current aimed at building sustainable and inclusive crisis-resistant communities.

During the 30 months of the project, it is planned to equip the space, employ members of vulnerable groups and train them to implement social entrepreneurship activities, which include training for future social entrepreneurs, networking and promotion of this business model. Communication about the project will take place via social networks, and two conferences on social entrepreneurship and the development of information materials are planned.

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