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We are entrepreneurial and free-spirited enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience in the BIZkoshnica community.
OUR team
We are people with different interests connected by the common goal of creating a positive change within our society

Mirela Marović Omerzu

Founder of BIZkoshnica

Mirela is an economist by vocation, project manager and a passionate entrepreneur. She has a rich working experience in different industry branches, ranging from IT sector, finances, real-estate to EU projects. For her, BIZkoshnica represents a common ground for all her interests and an incubator for the development of own entrepreneurial ideas, a place for constant learning and support of the ideas of young entrepreneurs and a way to give something back to the community. In her free time she likes to jog, relax in nature, explore new and unknown places and spend time with her friends and family.


Anja Mihalinec

Sales & Community Manager

Anja has a Master’s degree in economy, with multiple years of working experience. Last year she started studying about cognitive-behavioral therapy. In her free time she likes to travel, nurture her knowledge of foreign languages and volunteer in entrepreneurial projects, helping them develop. She finds rest and motivation in her daily bike rides, following new social trends and discovering new destinations for traveling and hanging out.

Vilim Mance

Content & research facilitator

Vilim has a Master’s degree in political science at the Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University. He is interested in themes regarding human rights, history but also the connection between politics and arts. In his leisure time he likes to write poetry, compose music and play videogames.
Bruna web-edited

Bruna Marinović

Project coordinator

Bruna has a Master’s degree in political sciences at the Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University. She was an intern in the European Parliament. Her themes of interest include political theory, politics of the EU and philosophy. In BIZkoshnica she has the opportunity to learn first-hand about the EU by coordinating EU projects. Also, she can talk philosophy with Vilim. In her free time she likes to read, follow daily political topics in Croatia and the world, as well as drink coffee.
OUR projects
Bizkoshnica is the proud lead partner or partner in the following projects:
Društveno poduzetnička koshnica

Društveno-poduzetnička koshnica

BIZkoshnica is implementing the EU project “Društveno poduzetnička koshnica”, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund, and whose goal is to contribute to the strengthening of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Croatia.

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BIZanimals picture book, posters and linen bags

Keeping in mind that the entrepreneurial spirit should be developed from childhood, we have prepared something special for your youngest – products from the BIZanimals series intended for nurturing true entrepreneurial and universal life values! Order them online!

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Don’t Worry Be You

The project called ‘Don’t Worry Be You’ is funded by the Erasmus + program, and its goal is to empower young people with knowledge, techniques and competencies on how to live a happier life.

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OUR members

BONDWe are members of BOND – Business Organisations Network Development – network of entrepreneurial support institutions of the projects that are operational run by HAMAG-BICRO and are funded by the European Regional Development Fund within the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014.-2020. The aim of this project is through basic and specialized education of employees of entrepreneurial support institutions (ESI) to develop high quality services that will be equally accessible to entrepreneurs in every Croatian region. One of the project results will be the Network of Entrepreneurial Support Institutions as a platform through which HAMAG-BICRO will coordinate the development of ESI competencies through the training system.


European Creative Hubs Network – We are members of the European Creative Hubs network, a network that was result of a project co-funded by the European Commission through Creative Europe program. The aim of the project is to stimulate the global development of community of creative people gathered in space to develop, co-operate, contribute and create. These communities are creative hubs and they represent the creative sector of the 21st century. Hubs are recognized as places of creation, design, growth and launch of entrepreneurial ideas. They enable inventive and creative people sharing work space, knowledge and experience, and accessing tools and funding opportunities, encouraging collaboration between people of different backgrounds and fields of work. Creativity is often a product of social encounter happening in a flexible working environment.

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