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ENTREPRENEURSHIP LAB #1 with Kresimir Dvorski (NEXTBIKE Croatia)


Zagreb, 31 March 2016. Yesterday the BIZkoshnica Coworking hosted the first Entrepreneurship lab with entrepreneur guest Kresimir Dvorski, Managing Partner in Nextbike Croatia.

Entrepreneurship lab is an event in which the participants of the "Build Your Future" project have a chance to meet the successful entrepreneur and hear his story. "Build Your Future" is an European project with the central aim of strengthening entrepreneurial skills among young people in the direction of social entrepreneurship. At the heart of the project is an entrepreneurial program that is specifically designed to empower young people aged 18-29 years. The project helps the participants to develop entrepreneurial thinking, preparing them for employment, self-employment and / or further education.

At the first Entrepreneurship lab Kresimir Dvorski, cofounder of Nextbike Croatia, shared his entrepreneurial story in very sincere and inspiring way. He stressed out the importance of an entrepreneurial way and total dedication of business owner and the fact that in developing any business venture, the first three years are most important. They affect the stability, the creation of high-quality and long-term relationships with partners and they determine the future and the strength of the business. Many ups and downs are part of the learning process and a necessary element in the development of a stable company.