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[STORIES FROM BIZKOSHNICA - introducing our coworker Margita]


The emphasis is put on the interdisciplinary approach to language learning, e.g. by means of visual arts, music and science and through a combined, intensive development of all linguistic skills. The basic principle is learning a foreign language through art/science, but with a simultaneous development of individual artistic/research potential of the learner. BIZkoshnica will already this summer host educational-linguistic workshops Learn&Speak by Linguaonica, where primary school pupils will have an opportunity to communicate actively in English, but also to learn something new about the world. You may find more details here. Inclusive education in language learning is also a project in the planning, which presents yet another challenge, but she believes that with a team of experts an adequate, research-based language programme will be drafted and it will provide second language learning in the special education needs sector as well.

Margita owes her vigour and proactivity to the hospitality of BIZkoshnica and its positive coworkers, but mostly to a team of language enthusiasts and collaborators who are carrying out successfully the mission of Linguistified, today on Brač and in Zagreb, and tomorrow...?... :)